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If your day has been going bad, give me a hug and it will get worse... I see you you magnicifent granny

*dying noises*

Fun Fact: Dolphins get killed when submarines go near them, you see, dolphins use sonar, and submarines do as well. The submarine uses sonar at such a high extent that the dolphins brain just explodes then and there! :


Are you aso internally bleeding?

YO YO, Hey it's me MICAH and I am here tell ya'll bout myself

I dislike the idea of the U.S government

What we do

I think rappers are tying drain our souls from our meaty bodies

just play looud classical music such as this To get rid of rappers.

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5/15/2020: ANy requests? Yeah lose the shorts

3/30/2020: me and a homeless man made sweet sweet love, I have tested positive for genital coronavirus

2/27/2020: DO NOT kick a bull in the balls, mistakes have been made and learned from

2/5/2020: The government found the kids in my basement

9/5/2019: Turns out that thing in the urinal isnt a cookie

9/1/2019: here the adventures begin...

Severed fingers are way tastier than ou may think

Image of the week:

every second you took to look at that you cant get back

I heard bath salts are healthy for you

Meet the poop dealer Dogmeat2003!

Skeletor is going to make you squeal and moan!

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